Cell Phone Signal Boosters – Why Choose Us?

Thanks to the development of the internet and technology, the seemingly simple wireless cell phone network is now responsible for a significant amount of the world’s communication. However, the complaint of having ‘little signal’ is still common and this is why we have seen the introduction of cell phone signal boosters. As a business with over 10 years of experience, we understand how frustrating poor signal can be which is why we work hard on solutions each year.

After much research and continual progression, we have now introduced a brilliant range of cell phone signal boosters to the market. Created primarily for the USA, the coverage works with all signal bands and the boosters will also work with multiple bands. Over the years, we learned just how important it was to be connected to the world and we have developed the solution. However, you don’t have to trust our word for it as they are now certified by the appropriate authorities. With each booster, you will also receive a 24/7 customer service line as well as an extremely generous warranty which perhaps shows our confidence above all else.

How does it work?

Installing a cell phone signal booster is not hard at all. Follow our easy setup procedure, which can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

There is no technical knowledge needed.

2 step set up

  1. Locate the area outside your property with the best signal and place the outdoor antenna there, and connect the antenna to the booster using the included cable.
  2. Connect the small antenna to the repeater and then plug in the repeater box.

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Sometimes after waking up, you just want to allow yourself time to fully accustom to the day so you grab your phone and load the news. However, it doesn’t load and you are left feeling frustrated by the lack of signal. In truth, this is common in some areas of the USA but we have been working away at a solution and can now bring it to you with great pride.

To be installed easily into your home, may we suggest a cell phone signal booster? Working on both single and multiple frequencies, they can serve anyone within the same household as well as a group of people within the same office. If you have a family all on different carriers, this won’t be a problem for our booster and you will all receive a fantastic signal. As long as you are all within the required distance, everyone will achieve the ‘five-bar signal’ that has seemed to be only a myth for so long.

Regardless of whether you need signal at home or at the office, we know just how important it is to receive a reliable and sustainable service. Especially for businesses, you need to communicate with suppliers, employees, customers, and more. When communication falters, so does the business and there is a real danger of damaging relationships that are necessary to keep the business ticking over. When you trust the signal in your office, communication will improve and customers will be happier.

Every year, businesses lose customers and money just because their phone systems aren’t as effective as they should be. For smaller businesses especially, many rely upon cell phones so signal is imperative. With a signal booster, you won’t have to worry about dropping calls ever again and you will become reliable for communication.

Over the years, we have found that the big cities and surrounding areas are normally fine for signal unless overcrowding occurs where too many people are trying to connect in one area. This being said, the areas out in the countryside have a little more trouble connecting. Furthermore, signal differs greatly when traveling in a car which leaves passengers frustrated. Nowadays, there are barriers between customers and businesses but, believe us, we have experienced these very problems. Not long ago, we were left red-faced and with blood boiling because we kept dropping calls which is why we were so determined to make an impact in the market.

With a lot of hard work and effort, we believe to now offer the best cell phone signal booster on the market because they also work in cars. If passengers need to use the phone or even the driver after an accident to phone the emergency services, lost signal can be extremely dangerous but we can offer that five-bar signal once again. As well as being efficient, our signal boosters are reliable and will keep working for some time to come.

Furthermore, we have also been helping the hotel industry for some time now because this is an industry that relies upon customer satisfaction. When the customer is comfortable in their room, they will leave good reviews and more people will be attracted to stay. When a customer is upset, they will generate negative word-of-mouth and possibly leave bad reviews which has the opposite effect. Although there are many reasons why a customer might be upset, poor signal or reception is one of the main ones.

Often, business people use hotels and they need to make important calls so you don’t want them to get frustrated with the lack of signal. If this were to happen, you would lose a customer and a handful of potential customers. With our range of superb cell phone signal boosters, this will never be a problem and everyone within your hotel will benefit from superb reception. On the market, we have products especially designed for hotels with a much larger range than the ones we recommend for homes or cars so please feel free to ask.

If you aren’t happy or if there happens to be a problem, we have a dedicated helpline in addition to a money-back guarantee if we can’t fix the error. Available 24/7, we have a team of experts at the other end of a phone call so be sure to get in touch.

In the USA, we have some of the most under-appreciated beaches in the world. When it comes to beach holidays, we tend to look abroad instead of the countryside and famous resorts at home. For those of you that utilise our beautiful beaches, you might enjoy boating on these trips too. However, the signal on our cells get lost the further we move away from land and this is to be expected as we are moving away from the carrier’s facilities.

However, we don’t think it should be this way which is why we have a selection of cell phone signal boosters. As long as you have it installed on the boat, the booster will amplify the faint signal picked up and everyone on-board will benefit from a stronger signal. As well as being affordable, this solution is reliable and consistent so you don’t ever have to worry about losing signal at a vital time again!

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work? – With all of this information in mind, how do our products actually work and how will you benefit? Currently, your cell phone uses a wireless network to connect to the local tower or facility for your chosen provider. In the USA, Vodafone is one of the biggest providers of cell phones so their users will rely on Vodafone facilities to receive a signal. However, many locations in the USA are some way away from facilities which leaves them struggling for a reliable service which is where our boosters come in.

As a ‘repeater’, it uses an outdoor unit or antenna to attract signals from the air. After these signals have been gathered, they will be sent to the indoor unit before then amplifying over a set distance. Typically, the two units (one inside and the other outside) will be connected using wiring and the indoor booster has complex wiring that allows the signal to be…well, boosted into the home or office. In terms of your cell phone, it will not be affected in any way except the stronger signal it will receive from the indoor booster after it has been collected by the unit outdoors.

In simple terms, a cell phone booster takes the signal you receive and amplifies it over the required threshold for all those inside just as the name suggests. In the interest of making things clear, we have compiled a step-by-step process below so you can fully understand how our units work.
Step-by-Step Process

When you first receive the product, you will see a directional antenna which is the one receiving the signals outside. Generally, they are low in strength and your phone would have extreme difficulty detecting the unit itself. Why? Because each cell device has a tiny antenna inside but the outside unit’s antenna is larger so remains untraceable.

Outside, the antenna is collecting what we call ‘poor’ signal and this then travels through the wire to the actual booster which sits inside. Although there are wireless options on the market, wired models will always be better because they keep the signal in-tact as it travels from one unit to the next.

Once inside, the booster superimposes the wave’s frequency which then strengthens the overall signal in the location. Using the power from the power outlet, this signal is reinforced and the signal sent out is many times stronger than the one it receives.

For all devices within a certain range, they will benefit from this amplified signal for as long as the outdoor unit is picking up even the faintest of reception. Differing from the original carrier signal, it is the signal booster that makes this happen and everyone can be happy moving forward.
Money-Back Guarantee

In the world, there is no company that is absolutely perfect and we don’t ever claim this. Therefore, we appreciate that the product might not fit your needs or there may be the odd error from connections or even the amplification process. If this is the case, feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 support team and we will work with you to find a solution.

If we can help on the phone, that’s great and you can get started. If there is a problem with the unit, we can send a replacement and have the original fixed or destroyed. If we cannot help or if the product doesn’t meet your needs, we can give you a complete refund as long as you contact us within 30 days of your purchase. As mentioned, we now have all the certifications required as well as following the current regulations so problems are rare. However, anything can happen in the world of technology which is why we appreciate your feedback and offer the money-back guarantee. Whilst other companies make a fuss over guarantees, we know that the majority of orders end with a happy customer which is why we are happy ourselves to resolve the ones that don’t quite end in a smile.

Although the majority of new technology is welcomed with open arms, there are some worries regarding safety and this is fair considering every device emits radiation from TVs to radios. As cell phone popularity increases, many studies have tried to fall definitively one way or another as to whether they are safe in terms of radiation but none have been successful as of yet. In the USA, views are very much still split down the middle and the debate continues. For signal boosters, the concerns are the same because they are actively dealing with signal before then amplifying it around a household or office building.

Despite the lack of definite results from studies, we can say confidently that our boosters all have low-powered signals which means that it is almost indeterminable in the grand scheme of things. With a network booster, the electromagnetic radiation levels may increase but the amount will not be noticeable considering homes and offices are already filled to the brim with phones, routers, radios, tablets, computers, laptops, servers, and more.

In terms of human health, there has been one report which showed ‘very little risk’ from cell phone signal boosters. According to the same report, even having multiple boosters in one room will not affect the issue much since they are added to the same system and the emitted power hardly changes. Compared to a cell phone, which is considered to be more dangerous, the effect is minimal and we don’t seem to be worried about having a cell in our pockets or sitting next to us on a desk all day!

In fact, we could go a step further and say that, without a cell phone signal booster, a typical cell phone with poor coverage will continually overstretch in order to find the smallest bit of signal. Once a cell repeater (another name for the booster) is in place, the outside antenna does this work leaving your cell to benefit from the amplified signal. Therefore, your cell will emit less power and you are actually better protected than before. In summary, you should never believe anyone who says ‘cell phone reception boosters are bad for your health’ because most evidence actually suggests otherwise.
WiFi Boosters

As well a cell phone boosters, we also offer WiFi boosters which work in the very same way. After installing the two units, the outside model will gather signal before sending it inside through a wire. Once it is inside, the booster or router will amplify the connection and devices will be faster and will be able to connect from a further distance.